software trainings by VIPRAMG

Web Appliacations using ASP.net

Program Contents:

  • Create user service
  • Consume and manipulate data using ADO.NET
  • Test and Debug an ASP.NET application
  • Create and manage components and .NET assemblies
  • Optimize an ASP.NET application
  • Create accessible Web application 
  • Create local Web applications 
  • Manage states of an ASP.NET application 
  • Configure and secure an ASP.NET application 
  • Deploy a Web application 

Certification in JAVA programming

Program Contents:

  • Describe the key language features and compile and run a Java technology application
  • Create programs using language syntactic elements, constructs, and  object-oriented paradig
  • Implement exception-handling and use collections application programming interface (API)
  • Create programs to read and write to files
  • Create event driven GUI using Swing
  • Create multithreaded Java applications
  • Develop Java client and server programs by using TCP/IP
  • Define the layers in JDBC architecture
  • Identify different types of JDBC drivers
  • Manage transactions and perform batch updates in JDBC
  • Create JDBC applications to access and query a database
  • Explain the architecture of UML
  • Create Class and Object diagrams
  • Identify the dynamic and static aspects of a system
  • Draw collaboration, sequence, state chart, activity diagrams
  • Identify software components of a system and draw component diagrams
  • Identify nodes in a system and draw deployment diagram
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